Progress has been pretty slow. University's been taking up a lot of time, I'm getting better at 3d animation and unfortunately there's been minimal work. BUT! Let's go over some updates on what RPMD (Random Procrastination Mega Demo) will have*:

-TRAITS  - It's a game in a modern setting, shields aren't really necessary. How can one fill that gaping hole that'll plague you throughout your gaming experience? TRAITS! They're personality traits that affect a character's function, to some degree. Stu will be stuck with "Slacker", which will be somewhat detrimental. He's weak, he's losing willpower every turn, sometimes he'll refuse to attack! Will it be a challenge? Of course.

-REDESIGN - Greenridge Campus will most definitely get a redesign. In the current demo, you can just go up to the boss and challenge him without preparation. That is definitely going to change.

-HELP - I've found someone to assist me in development! It's primarily from an environment standpoint, but their feedback has been pretty helpful so far. Plus it's an extra friend, so yay. Thank you, QuizicalGin.

-MUSIC - Way more music. As of writing this, there are...32 tracks. Some of which will not be present in the album. Speaking of: the game/demo's soundtrack will be uploaded for the low-low price of nothing for you to download and enjoy! It would feel wrong to profit off of someone else's work, y'know?

-FEEDBACK FORM - Might have said this before, but this will be my first game. Some parts of it have meaning to me and I want to make sure that it's something I can be proud of, as well as something lots of people can enjoy. So, the demo will come with a lot of digital goodies in the form of social media links (Twitter and Discord) as well as a feedback form so you can let me know what works and what doesn't.

-CUTSCENES - As stated, I've been getting better at 3D stuff. I made my very own model and rig over Christmas (spoilers: it was functional but definitely needed improvement), and my talent in 2D animation has been stagnating. So yeah. Low-poly animated cutscenes will be included. There's a specific scene I'm both excited and dreading to tackle. But I'm getting ahead of myself, there's a lot to do.

There's nothing big to show off at this time, but I hope this update has made up for it. Hopefully by the next update, there will be some awesome stuff to show off.

Thank you for your time.


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